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Facebook: The New Platform of Gaming Online

Technology has given society a countless number of ways of global interaction.  And Facebook has overturned the evolution of social networking globally with users from every corners of the world. With more than three hundred million users and viewers the social networking site today has maintained its empowerment as the trending social network to beat.  In addition, to its social role Facebook has now appeared to be the host of popular computer games on line.

Here are some of the popular games played in the social network site:

  • Mafia Wars – from the name itself you get to play of being Boss of the Mafia world.  This game can be played by multiplayers with activities ranging from money laundering, gun running, illegal gambling and others.  In short, you are playing in actually breaking the law and outsmarting the next unlawful man in the block.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker – poker has been a popular game even before it reaches the internet technology.  This interactive computer online casino game to play the famous card game has caught a lot of interests of outwitting the other players.  The best thing is your opponent could not see your poker face, thus, it made the guessing game more exciting.
  • The Sims – this social media game is all about your day-to-day activities from the home, your relationships, your cultural behaviour and other reality time activities simulated in a game.  This play is an open-minded and non-definitive game.
  • City Ville – just like its popular counterpart, Sims and Farmville, this Facebook game is real time activities to make a city through business oriented careers such as farming, collecting agent and building contractor.
  • Farmville – was the most popular in the Facebook game in 2009.  Created by the makers of City Ville, the game is a simulated farm activity.  You can plant, cultivate, raise your own farm animals, sell your farm products, create your own garden and use garden and farm tools.
  • Pet Society – is all about taking care of your own pets in the virtual world.
  • Restaurant City – a business related game that lets you run your own restaurant to make your profit grow.
  • Gardens of Time – the most popular on the Facebook page as of today.  Using a time machine to go through other eras in the history to find hidden objects, solve mysteries in a secret society and the RPG of being a hero to protect against evil forces.

There are just some of the Facebook online games that dominated the social networking site.  But, as the year 2012 unfolds the social network site has compiled a list of their top games played in 2011.  Here is the list released by Facebook according to its number of users on their site: City Ville, The Sims Social, Double Down Casino, Gardens of Time, Indiana Jone’s Adventure World, Bingo Blitz, Slotomania Slot Machines, Empires & Allies, and Diamond Dash.

Games have always been social events for centuries. Facebook is the most popular social networking website that has formidable online games for the people living in different communities and cultures all over the world.

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