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A Beginners Guide to Slot Machines

Slot machines are the simplest game machines available in an online casino. You can play a variety of games, though the method of playing games is almost the same on slot machines.

When you get the basic information about how to play on slot machines, you can use that information for playing different online slot machine games. We will here explain how to play slots in five steps:

Step 1: Get Information about the Game

Slot MachineBefore inserting money in the slot machines, you must get knowledge about the game. You can get the required machines by reading the pay table. This will give you information about the rules of the game, special bet levels for the bonus games or jackpots. You will also get information about the game prizes.

Step 2: Selection of Coin Size

The game that you play should have the coin size that suits your budget. Generally, you should get at least 30 spins. Therefore, selecting coin size of 5$ is certainly not a good idea. Budget is the main consideration in the selection of coin size.

Step 3: Inserting Money

When you have decided the game that you want to play, you need some credits to play that game. This can be done by inserting money through the coin chute or the note acceptor. These days majority of land casinos have removed coin chutes. Note acceptors are more in practice now. You will find that your balance is transferred online to the game.

Step 4: Selection of Bet Size

Now you have the money you require for playing slot machine. You can now decide the size of your bet. With classic three reel slots, you can simply hit the Bet Max button to spin the reels with maximum coins. If you are playing video slots, you have a range of choices to select from. The choices are:

Coins per line: It enables you to bet 1 or more coin per pay line.
Bet max: It bets for the maximum number of coins and starts spin.
Spin button: this button spins the reel at your present bet size.
Bet one: Press it to bet for one credit, again for bet two and so on.

If the selected game has a handle, you can pull that handle to spin the reels. Handles work in the same way as the spin buttons.

After selecting the bet size, you can spin the reels. You can continue betting with the same bet size or you can play max by pressing Bet Max button.

Step 5: Cash Your Winnings

When you have won, you want to cash your winnings. You can do this by hitting the cash or collect button on the game. If the jackpot is over a certain amount, an attendant of the slot machine will come to your slot machine and will pay you the prize amount and will also give you the related IRS tax forms. Small wins are paid in coins.

When you are playing online, there is no Collect button. You just have to click on the Bank button and it will take you to the banking section of casinos. You can decide here whether to withdraw all or some of your bankroll.

Nowadays, thanks to the popularity of online based pokie games, progressive jackpots are acquiring a whole new dimension. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot where the overall pot increases a small amount each time that someone plays the game (unless of course, the player actually wins the jackpot). So progressive jackpots with popular games, usually accumulate huge pots. For many online pokies enthusiasts, this is the main factor to decide which game they are going to play.

Before starting playing slot machines, you should keep in your mind that it is simple to learn how to play slot machines, but at the same time there is a Random Number Generator inside the slot machine that is always set in such a way that you always get less than 100%. Hence, you should always set your budget accordingly.